Great friendly service, good value – GREAT LOCATION!  I love doing business with you and may rent again in the future if needed.


-Ronald Blumer

December 6, 2016
Ronald H. Blumer

Outstanding customer service and very easy to work with! Francis is a saint!

Thank you!!

September 6, 2016
Laura Kirkpatrick

Sofia Storage has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years. Francis is an absolute doll- so kind, so helpful, everything one could possibly want as an employee. He has helped me numerous times and I am always happy to see him. Medina has also been very helpful, courteous, and professional. I do not see why anyone would use a storage company other than Sofia Storage!  The hundred year old company has been in the same family for all that time, and the major point is that they do not build storage facilities like Sofia Storage anymore. The walls are solid concrete and bricks, the doors are solid steel and each weighs about 150 pounds!

Lita Lepie

July 8, 2016

I’m giving up my storage unit today after several years of happy experience at Sofia Brothers. Conditions of storage- cleanliness, security- were uniformly excellent. Staff has been wonderfully kind and helpful. I would especially mention Francis, whose cheerful helpfulness has been opf great value to me. I’m departing solely for the purpose of saving expense, something that has taken on greater importance now that I’ve retired.


June 7, 2016
Karen Rice

Thank you Sofia Bros., Upper West Side on Amsterdam, for five great years of storing our family treasures. We moved to a much smaller Manhattan apartment from our home in Northern California and needed an extra “room”. Once we moved to NY, I kept dreaming we had this secret extra “room” – it must have been our storage locker! A special Thank You to Francis on the freight elevator and Medina in the office – both outstanding employees and people who were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly, Kudos to Sofia Bros. for having happy and long-term employees. Clearly a well run business with competitive prices, a safe and clean environment,

July 24, 2021
Tracy Plowman

I want to thank you very much for having had the opportunity to work with your company- and the very fine people who work there.

June 7, 2016
Marguerite K.

The people here are the best. Excellent service, and always pleasant. The building is clean, secure, and well maintained.

-The Peseks

August 29, 2015
The Peseks

I’ve kept my treasured belongings with your for many years, and have found it to be a great place- great location, clean, with lots of choices for storage. I’ve not had any single problem in the 20 years I’ve stored things with you. The men working the elevators, and the people in the office are just the best! This is a perfect place to keep things that are important to you.

-Maria Schneider

July 31, 2015
Maria Schneider

Having Sofia Storage in the neighborhood has proved time and time again to be an enormous asset to living in a small apartment in NYC. The space and facilities are always clean, well lit, and easily accessible. Friendly and welcoming staff is always available to help if needed. Highly recommend whether you’re on the upper west side or anywhere in the city!

-Linda Coley

July 9, 2015
Linda Bloom-Coley

I would like to comment on my experience using Sofia Storage at 83rd and Amsterdam Ave. in NYC. The entire staff; especially Medina, Francis, and Bob, were most helpful and courteous. It is refreshing to still find people in the business community with high integrity and a great smile. We will be recommending Sofia to all of our friends. Best wishes for your business and thanks for the great staff!

-Jim Wharton

May 29, 2015
Jim Wharton

It has been a very good place for storing personal items. Clean and easy access. Only downside was the walking distance from 72nd Street. We got a storage space in our building otherwise we would have stayed at Sofia Storage.

April 23, 2015
Bernard Ryding

It has been a truly pleasurable experience storing at Sofia Storage over the past 10 years. The facility is the cleanest facility I’ve ever rented from. The cost is very competitive, but the impeccable service is priceless and unparallelled. The staff was on hand to help move in and out, as well as any time I needed access to my unit.

January 21, 2015
Sal Fichera

Best customer service ever!! The staff has been more than just helpful. They have gone above and beyond! Definitely a pleasant experience. Excellent in professionalism and courtesy. The facility is maintained in a very clean manner, with a very roomy and comfortable climate condition. Very convenient for storage based on location if using subway. Happy with the security and caution measures implemented at the facility. Thumbs up in my book! Kudos to Medina, Frank, and Bob for always being amazing. I highly recommend this place!

November 25, 2014
Yamini Rastogi

Sofia has been great! Great staff. great service, great place. Thank you!

– S. Day

November 18, 2014
Selim Day

Sofia Management was easy to work with and responsive to my requests. The premises were always well kept, and they are a very nice organization to work with.

November 11, 2014
Erik Chiprich

I so appreciated the friendly and professional service that Sofia Brothers Storage has provided. Every person I’ve dealt with is attentive and happy to help, a pleasant surprise in a world of declining customer service.

October 1, 2014
Jody Austin

A wonderful resource to have in the neighborhood. Courteous, safe, friendly – and most of all, a secure place to keep things one cannot part with.

July 2, 2014
Stephen Pascal

I have had a storage locker at Sofia Storage on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan for more than sixteen years during which time I have not had a single problem or issue of concern regarding the staff or the facility. Indeed every one of the Sofia staff has been consistently professional, friendly and helpful.  The facility is safe and secure, clean, dry and well-maintained.  There has never been a flooding or fire incident or a pest infestation.

I recommend Sofia Storage without reservation.

Chris Proctor

April 29, 2014
Chris Proctor

We have stored at Sofia Storage for four years. It seems unbelievable to say that going to your storage unit is a “pleasure” but it was! It is a place which is not only efficient and clean, but full of pride and accomplishment.  It is place where everybody from the bosses to everyone else employed there is not only courteous, but kind and pleasant to be with. I especially acknowledge the gracious, delightful, and helpful presence of Francis who took us up and down in the elevator so often!


Gay & Charles Lord

March 20, 2014
Gay & Charles Lord

Very professional group of people. They accommodated my requests for help and were always gracious and understanding of my situation (moving & shipping stuff). There were no issues when I signed up and no issues now that I am ending my storage needs. It’s great to have Sofia Storage in the neighborhood!

March 11, 2014
Sally Albarado

I had the best storage experience with Sofia Storage. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Francis the elevator operator is a very special man, always helpful and a joy to be around. He became a neighborhood friend who I always enjoyed seeing and talking to, even if I wasn’t using the facility and was just passing by. Five star service!

February 28, 2014
Valentine Sheldon

Thank you! I cannot express this enough to the staff at Sofia Storage, especially Robert! Robert worked with me so professionally and patiently – a very nice man! The storage center is very well lit, extremely clean, and very safe. Sofia Storage is the best storage facility if you need a space!

February 27, 2014
Louise Santos

I have never experienced such great service as I have with Sofia Storage Center. I have been a tenant here for 6.5 years and I have felt like I have known the people here all my life. Francis, Ron, and Mike were a huge help and made my everyday work experience easy and enjoyable. Being a family owned business really makes a difference and Sofia makes you feel like you are part of the family. Thank you for all the help and service you have given me all these years. You have truly made my business here an enjoyable experience.

February 25, 2014
Michael Libraty

I highly recommend Sofia Storage. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They provided easy access to the space and were always friendly.

-Brooke Derian

January 27, 2014
Brooke Derian

Sofia Storage on W. 83rd & Amsterdam is a great facility.  The staff is helpful, nice & friendly.  We never questioned the safety of our belongings.  I only can say positive things about our experience there.

January 1, 2014
Rachel Richardson

Great Customer Service !

Staff was great, especially warehouse staff. Friendly and very accomodating.

Overall, a great experience.

December 17, 2013
Neil Peyroux

I have been storing my belongings at Sofia Storage since 1981!  For more than 30 years, I have experienced, without exception, nothing but courteousness, professionalism, and helpfulness. This is an unusually high level of customer service–rarely seen in any branch. The facilities are impeccably clean, organized, and secured, and the staff goes out of its way to create a personal and accommodating environment.

When I recently decided to sell my grand piano–which has been stored with great care for a number of years at Sofia–it was necessary for me to photograph the instrument at the facility. On the day of my visit, the staff, and members of the Sofia family, graciously and efficiently had the instrument moved to a convenient and accessible area, where I was able to properly photograph it; this was a tremendous help to me.

Their sincere efforts in personally assisting me has demonstrated, once again, their high level of customer service. It has also reminded me of why I have placed my trust in Sofia for so many years. My praise, thanks, and appreciation to all at Sofia Storage.

– Richard S. Goldstein
October 28, 2013
Richard S. Goldstein

Sofia has been a great storage company. All the staff, including Francis and Harry, have always been helpful and polite.

Thank you!
Eric Schneck

October 21, 2013
Eric Schneck

Thank you to Sofia Storage for always having a great work team. Specifically thank you to Medina, who always was helping and always trying to offer best work with a smile.

– Javier Esguevillas

October 15, 2013
Javier Esguevillas

I’ve had some bad experiences with storage companies, but Sofia’s customer service was nothing short of extraordinary.

– Tom Higgins 

October 4, 2013
Tom Higgins

Sofia has been great!  Friendly staff and so convenient – I have been very happy storing at Sofia for years.

September 24, 2013
Andrew Lester

I am extremely pleased with the service that Sofia Storage has provided to me. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and professional. Francis, in particular, was a joy to work with. The storage units were clean and spacious and I use them again as well as recommend them to anyone I know who might need a storage facility in the future.
Thanks to everyone at Sofia Storage for such a good experience.

-Tammi Colichio

September 23, 2013
Tammi Colichio

Personable service, I felt like I was treated as a friend more than just a customer. I highly recommend, and the entire building is cool too as its old fashioned. Good company to use – you’ll be glad you did!

– Kris Kemp

September 11, 2013
Kris Kemp

Thanks to the whole crew at Sofia for providing a great service at good prices. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, by far the best storage experience I have had.

Thank you,

– Bion Barting

June 28, 2013
Bion Bartning

Francis and Sam were a great help in helping me move in and out and for regular use of my storage locker. They were always friendly and I enjoyed talking with them – very professional.

-Alex Lamis

May 18, 2013
Alexis Lami

Sofia Storage provided excellent service throughout our entire procedure. Going above and beyond that of a storage center, its entire staff was exceedingly professional, courteous, and extremely instrumental in such a big project and move. Reliable, convenient, and helpful, I would suggest Sofia Storage Centers to all.

– Jonathan Hawkins

May 1, 2013
Jonathan Hawkins

I have been working with Sofia for 10 years. It’s a family run business with friendly, professional staff. They have the same employees and Francis is a gem. I think employee retention and a well run facility are evidence of my endorsement.

– Jaye Bea Smalley

April 30, 2013
Jaye Bea Smalley

My experience with Sofia Bros. Storage over many years has been so satisfactory that I would call it comforting, if that did not sound so old fashioned!

-Andrea Haight

April 25, 2013
Andrea Haight

My husband and I are pleased to recommend Sofia Storage Centers as a clean and safe place to store belongings. We have used Sofia Storage since 2005, and have been totally satisfied with the storage facility and the staff, which has always been courteous and helpful.

-Joan Conner

April 6, 2013
Joan Conner

Sofia Storage Centers has excellent service, is a clean and neat facility, and has nice personnel.

-Eva Kane

Estate of Artist Bob Kane

March 6, 2013
Eva Kane For the Estate of Artist Bob Kane

All of your staff, without exception, is extremely personable and recalls an earlier, more intimate New York.


Paul & Francis

January 24, 2013
Paul & Francis

I think quite frankly and fondly of Sofia Storage. On two separate occasions-each comprising of several years- I used their services and almost thought of them as a second home. I was treated with kindness and respect even though my locker (room) was on the platform and someone had to come and unlock the gate for me (which shows how secure personal items were handled), I never felt I was a bother. If I ever have to use their space again, I would not hesitate to call upon them. I recommend them highly as a storage facility.

Florine Skolnick

December 31, 2012
Florine Skolnick

Having storage at Sofia Storage on 83rd St. & Amsterdam Ave. is a huge convenience. Everything works, the staff is helpful and they provide large shelves as needed. I use it like an extra closet.

-Martha Pinson

December 31, 2012
Martha Pinson

Upon reaching the storage facility and peering through the window, I am promptly greeted with a welcome smile a, as the buzzer simultaneously unlocks the door.

A pleasant voice -“Hello Mr. Orange”, ushers you in.

Once inside, deliciously waiting for you to enjoy, sitting on the counter, poised to sweeten your day, is a nice little glass dish, filled with assorted candies. The spacious, airy room, inviting, is always neat, clean, and highly organized. The atmosphere has the flavor of a warm, endearing, most caring, cohesive, old-fashioned Italian family.

The whole diverse workforce; women, men, African American, Hispanic, White, are all treated as family rather than subordinates. I too was genuinely treated as family. Never was I ever not provided with good, kind, witty conversation, and no matter how busy the team was, and they usually were quite busy, quite attentive, were never too busy to mender their utmost valuable brand of caring family service.

This positive acceptance is why through the many years of affiliation, only once did I mail in the storage fee. I enjoyed showing up in person.

Bob, Medina, Frank, Loren, Jim, Francis, Rhoan, Harry and Mike; the whole combined team was such that I was made to feel as though they had all gathered there just for the sole purpose of watching over my things.

You are truly a unique bouquet of beautiful people.

Thank you ever so much.

Gerald L. Orange

December 6, 2012
Gerald Orange

I have stored both personal property and artwork at Sofia Storage for several years, and have always found the staff to be exceptionally pleasant and highly professional. On top of this, the storage space itself is clean, light, and well aired, and it has always been easy and efficient to both deliver new items for storage and to remove items from the units. I highly recommend Sofia Storage to anyone considering using them.

September 5, 2012
Anthony Crichton-Stuart

I’ve been a customer of Sofia since 2007 and have always found their facility personal and client service to be excellent. They have been attentive to all my needs and are friendly and knowledgeable.


D. Pirnic

August 17, 2012
Doug Pirnic

I have been a client at Sofia Storage since 2000! The staff is very professional and friendly. The only reason for my move is an out of state move. I will miss Francis, Frank and the entire Sofia family. I highly recommend Sofia Storage for protecting your valuables.

– Helina Fels

August 6, 2012
Helina Fels

I have been a client of Sofia Storage since 1982 and have had a long and very agreeable relationship with them.

Pat Braun

August 2, 2012
Pat Braun

Sofia Storage Centers- You made the experience of storing our possessions a pleasure. We especially enjoyed the help and company of your warehouseman Francis.  We’ll be back!

Francis Naumann

Francis Naumann Fine Art, LLC

July 17, 2012
Francis Naumann

From the front office to the back of the building-kind, professional, helpful at all times. I would recommend them to one and all. Sheldon Lutch

June 28, 2012
Sheldon Lutch

I’ve been a client of the Sofia Storage facility at 475 Amsterdam Avenue for going on three years and I’ve always been very pleased with the help that the support staff and office members have given me. When I visit my storage space, which I do on a regular basis, it’s like making a journey to a little home away from home. Thank you all.


E. Bruce Stevenson

March 19, 2012
E. Bruce Stevenson

We have been renting a space at Sofia for over twenty years, since we moved to the Upper West Side from a house in Riverdale. My wife and I are totally satisfied with Sofia’s cleanliness, safety, and security. An extremely well run establishment.

March 14, 2012
Fred Schreiber

Convenient, secure, clean, affordable with friendly and helpful staff in a company that has been around for over 100 years. Need I say more?

I moved to NYC five years ago and right away I knew I was going to need more space. Being from Southern California this was new to me. When searching for the right place to store my stuff, convenience was key. My friends told me about Sofia Storage Centers. They have several locations and I found one of them right down the street (UWS). The fact that they have been in business for over 100 years was a pretty good indication that my belongings and I would be in good hands. Sofia Storage had a variety of unit sizes to choose from so finding one to fit my needs was easy. I started with a small room and quickly realized that my storage unit was really an extension of my apartment. Sure, I just needed a place to store my stuff, but now the owners and staff are more like family. Their facility is clean, safe and secure. I haven’t worried once about my important and precious things. I seriously trust and highly recommend Sofia Storage Centers to my family and friends. I know it will sound cliché, but it’s awesome to know that as long as I’m here in Manhattan I have my good neighbors at Sofia Storage Centers to take care of what I now call “my room addition.”

– Gary Langenheim

February 27, 2012
Gary Langenheim

Hating to part with anything, I’ve been using Sofia Storage on Amsterdam Avenue for more than 20 years. It’s a family owned business and everyone there is very friendly. I store gadgets there that I’ve shown on TV shows like Live! with Regis, World News Now and The Daily Giz Wiz. Many of my friends use it to store summer things in the winter and winter things in the summer. It the perfect answer to keeping closets somewhat manageable. It’s very convenient, but you should be aware they are open Monday to Friday, half a day Saturday and closed Sunday. That hasn’t been a problem for me or anyone I know so far, however.

December 30, 2011
Dick DeBartolo

Centrally located storage, well run with personal service. Staff s very accomodating and goes out of the way to help. Priced reasonable and we will be returnining seasonally.

December 1, 2011

Quiet, friendly and probably the best prices! When the storage facility we were using to house my husband’s grandfathers art we were desperate and checked all over the city. What our old facility offered as a replacement was so far away and in a very dangerous area that we couldn’t consider it for a moment. Then my husband found Sofia! Best price for a storage space larger than the cubicles offered elsewhere. Front desk so friendly and helpful and quiet. Very private and are we happy? YES!

June 20, 2011

I have stored things here for years and the company took very good care of all of my possessions. The facilities are great.

April 12, 2011

Reliable, Secure and Friendly! I’ve been storing some of my personal belongings(furniture, artwork, photographs, etc.) at Sofia Storage for the past two years. I access my unit several times a month and the staff is always both friendly and extremely helpful. Their building is very clean and I have the utmost confidence in the safety and security of my belongings. I have recommended Sofia Storage to a few of my friends and have heard nothing but positive feedback.

February 17, 2011
UWS 1978

I have been a tenant of Sofia Brothers from 1995-2010. I owned an operated two stores, Bodhi Juice Bar and Tibet Bazaar. My businesses were successful in part of the relationship that I had with them. We maintained a close working as well as supportive business relationship.

I closed my businesses to pursue other things in my life. They have been more than a landlord to me, and for that I thank them.

Perloo Payne

Owner: Tibet Bazaar & Bodhi Juice Bar

August 10, 2010
Perloo Payne

Best self storage in NYC! I have been storing my stuff in Sofia Storage Centers for about a year now and I have no complaints. They helped me organize my space so everything is easy to get to when I need something. The storage facilities are well kept and the security is top of the line. I highly recommend Sofia Storage for all your self storage needs in NYC.

July 1, 2010

I have used Sofia Storage Centers for business records storage and personal storage for about 30 years.

Everybody there is either a member of the Sofia family or has been there long enough to have been adopted. I was only mildly surprised to learn they have been in business in NYC for 100 years because they treat their customers like extended family members.

They provide the best service. If you need something special – just ask and they will find a way to accomodate you.

They are my long term neighbors on the Westside and I love their chocolate bars!

March 29, 2010

Dear Sofia Brothers,

Congratulations on your 100 year anniversary! For an establishment to be in business for 100 years you must be doing something right! As a long term tenant, I can certainly attest to the fact that you have done everything right for me. You have provided a safe and clean environment for my possessions with the added bonus of 10ft. high ceilings in every room. This extra storage space is a feature which most other facilities in New York cannot offer. Your entire staff is courteous and always helpful. As a family run business there is always someone available on the spot to address any issue. You ought to be proud of the excellent service you provide. Again, congratulations and wishing you all the best for the next 100 years!

Sincerely yours,

Lia Albom

March 10, 2010
Lia Albom

I lost my job, so I had to downsize expenses, which unfortunately included getting rid of a 1 bedroom in the East Village. I moved to the Columbia Area, UWS, to a studio, and had too much stuff to fit in my room. I found Sofia Brothers on Citysearch and contacted them. I’m glad I did!! I was able to store basically an entire bedroom in a storage suite at Sofia Brothers, for a very good price. These guys are smart. Very highly recommended!

September 30, 2009

The customer service is fantastic. Everyone from the manager through to the freight elevator operator is friendly, helpful, and informative. It’s never a chore to retrieve things there.

November 18, 2008
Conrad W.

The temperature control and cleanliness at Sofia Brothers Storage are both perfectly maintained. It is incredibly clean, well lit, and devoid of dampness. We feel so comfortable leaving much of our inventory in their care.

November 18, 2008
Birch Brooks

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