Why Self Storage in Manhattan?

Sofia Storage Centers offer a large variety of self-storage space options in Manhattan at affordable prices. These include efficient lockers, storage closets and rooms of virtually every size up to entire floors. With the help of a Sofia storage specialist, you can pick the size storage unit that’s just right for you.  And you can keep your goods in our safe and convenient neighborhood storage centers without the risks of being on the flood plains of Connecticut, New Jersey or along the Hudson or East River.  We have locations right here in NYC that are high and dry. The ground floor of 475 Amsterdam Avenue Sofia Storage Center for instance is about 80 feet above sea level, while our 4396 Broadway location is over 100 feet above sea level. All located in safe, established neighborhoods, our buildings are fire-resistant as well.

Close to home personal storage arguably makes better economic sense if you live in Manhattan than anywhere else in the country. New York City living and working space is very expensive simply because of the rules of supply and demand. Moving  to a new, larger apartment particularly here in Manhattan can be excessively expensive. Moving to New York City can make storage a wise alternative.

stellroomManhattan is more densely populated than any other city in the United States.  About 1.7 million live on the 23 square mile island.  Changes in circumstances can lead to the need for more room. So can the accumulation of  valuables and keepsakes.  Many folks find that additional space when needed – an extra closet or room –  by leasing a storage unit at one of our facilities right in their own neighborhood. Whether you’re renovating your apartment for a few months, staging for sale, or need space for a longer term, we can provide  temporary flexible space to meet your personal storage needs.

bigroomWe offer a wide variety of units and rooms and even whole floors so that we can help match your storage needs with the proper sized unit . It’s your money and it’s your right you to have dollar for dollar  the most convenient storage. Our goal is to help you optimize all your space effectively. That may mean adding custom shelving to your units, providing astute storage advice  or offering customized packing. Your may prefer a vault or one of our natural terra cotta or gypsum rooms for your storage goods.

We are frequently asked: How many standard banker boxes fit easily into one of our 4’x4′ lockers ? The answer is 24 banker boxes in uncrowded stacks of 4 – plus you can add three painting/mirror boxes.