Business Storage

Business Storage

Sofia Storage Centers  provides small, medium and large companies with affordable, and very accessible Business and Records Storage. As with all of our storage, we offer a variety of  locations, storage unit sizes and pricing opportunities for our business customers. Come in for a free, no obligation, consultation  with one of our experienced storage specialists.


Our types of business storage include retail and business inventories, business records, temporarily stored business furniture and equipment, arts and antiques.

Fine Art and Antiques Storage NYC

Sofia Storage Centers provide fine art and antique storage in NYC to dealers, collectors and artists. Several customers have commented favorably that our self-storage facilities are a suitable environment for their works of art. Sofia Storage customizes client’s rooms to meet their needs. Art dealers favor the natural materials used in the the construction of our vaults.

We preserve the vaults’ terra cotta walls with high quality silicate that penetrates the walls’ substrate forming a micro-porous breathable coating that is air permeable but water resistant.

In addition these special coatings protect against pollution, algae, mold, acid rain and carbonation.

The economics of successful fine art and antique dealing in NYC generally depends on fast turnover of products via high visibility retail space in Manhattan. Inventory is stored in lower cost off-site storage. Certain art and antique dealers alternatively chose to store in one of our white-walled silicate coated vaults. They photograph all the pieces in storage and market them electronically, reducing costs and increasing turnover. At the same time the rooms provide protection for their works of art.

Business Records Storage NYC

We have been a business records storage location of choice for major corporations, museums, estates, architects, schools, foundations and law firms as well as long term and start up organizations and manufacturers reps, to name a few. We provide discrete, secure storage for each business customer, never co-mingling records or business materials.

jof architectSofia Storage Centers locations simplify business storage by being close to their business clients and allowing customers to have their own locks, including “smart locks”, on their storage rooms and vaults. We are also in established neighborhoods where our clients feel safe. We are concerned about the safety of both your business items and you. Our facilities are well lit and staffed by trusted long-term personnel.

Business clients seem to prefer Sofia Storage vaults for storage of their vital records, archives, technical equipment and inventories because of their environment and security systems.

Business Records Retention & Destruction Policies and Schedules. The specific requirements of records retention for a given business is generally a job for either attorneys – knowledgeable in this area – or records management consultants with a legal review.  Implementing records management requires a development of a detailed records retention schedule which should at least be reviewed by a cognizant lawyer.

In response to the current heightened legal environment for recordspaulbgoode retention many larger organizations are implementing automatic integrated content management electronic records storage solutions. In this case records management software is employed to recognize key elements  in all e-documents (spreadsheets, e-mail, word, etc)  including keywords, assign a retention period and store them automatically in an appropriate  electronic file where they can be retrieved particularly for legal purposes.  High levels of sophisticated electronic security is then implemented to prevent unauthorized access to these e-files.

At this point these systems are cost justified primarily by organizations continuously involved in multiple legal actions. These large organizations however still find physical storage facilities such as Sofia Storage Centers to be the best answer for their vital and archival paper records for storage.