Keeping Baby Items


Overwhelming Joy

Baby 1

The most overwhelming, exhausting and joyful moment of my life was having my baby. While the experience seemed to me to be very intimate and personal, I discovered that I am not alone. A Daily Mail survey found that having their first child was the most memorable life event for female parents and was ranked first by many male parents.[Slightly more men ranked marriage number 1].

What baby items you keep is going to depend to a large extent on how you feel about being a parent. If you are like most new moms and dads, you are ecstatic and are going to want to keep some items from your first baby for your second baby. You are also going to want to keep some reminders of your child’s babyhood.

Attitudes About Parenthood

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A recent Pew Poll examined, among other things, attitudes about parenthood.  “When asked why they decided to have their first (or only) child, the overwhelming majority of parents (87%) answer, ‘The joy of having children.’


Baby 3

My mother tells me she remembers most clearly and fondly holding me in the delivery room, my first word, my first step and she still has my first pair of shoes along with other of my early baby paraphernalia. Growing up, I liked seeing my baby items, but always wondered what in the world my mother was thinking when she decided to keep them.

Why We Keep Baby Things

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I am by no means a hoarder. But I think first babies give us such an astounding level of exhilaration, that it is natural to want to hold onto memorabilia from their early months and beyond, especially if we plan to have another child.

Like most modern parents-to-be, we made extensive use of the internet to research product reviews for the most appropriate items for my baby and me.

The things we picked out for our child as well as the gifts she received, were on the expensive side and worth keeping. We want to have a second baby soon and so I have stored most of my two-year- old’s baby items and clothes along with my maternity clothes.

What I am Keeping

Baby 9

Baby items that I kept included the following:

1. Three book boxes filled with her best baby clothes: New Born – 9M, 12M-24M, and 2T-4T.

2. Two linen boxes with my maternity clothes. I had a hard time finding maternity clothes that were both comfortable and somewhat stylish so I kept them.

3. Bed-side bassinet

4. Changing Table/Dresser

5. Feeding Glider Chair

6. High chair

7. Linen box filled with toys

Because we live in a New York apartment, I have rented a small storage room for the baby items in a clean and safe neighborhood storage center.

I am still using the travel-system stroller and car seat for my two year old daughter. [It should be noted that car seats have a five year expiration date.]

And yes like my mother, I will keep some of my children’s baby items because now I understand. The sight, the feel and the aroma of these items take me to a happy place.

What baby items are you keeping ?