Decluttering Secret Revealed

Do you want help to declutter your apartment ?

You are not alone. Recent studies at UCLA, Yale and the University of Washington show that:

  1. Clutter stresses women but not men.
  2. Throwing away things we are attached to causes anxiety in both sexes.
  3. Zen-like willpower builder “Surfing the Urge” helps overcome anxiety and get the decluttering job done.
  4. Removing clutter eliminates a significant cause of tension in relationships.

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Clutter Steals Space

Many new customers tell us that over time they inadvertently re-purposed their apartment closets and their living spaces into depositories for stuff.

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Valuables Safe

Often, their first step in the decluttering their apartments is to come to Sofia Storage with special items like keepsakes, memorabilia and collections they want to store in a safe, clean room or locker. They take this initial step to assure that they or their spouse do not “inadvertently” throw away those things they value. It makes the rest of the process much less stressful.

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Stress-Free Decluttering

Once they have stored the items of high personal value, they are then able to segregate and sell, donate and/or throw away excess items of lower personal values. Generations of New York families have reported that this decluttering method has worked for them.

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Decluttering Science

To be best able to serve our clients we try to stay current on the latest behavioral science discoveries on cluttering and decluttering. Our next blog will include new scientific findings including a possible break-through in strengthening your will power to overcome decluttering anxiety and procrastination as well as many other negative urges.

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Help yourself to make the right choices. See our next Blog!