Baby Space NYC

Baby Space

Squeezing a new baby and accompanying paraphernalia into a tiny New York City studio or one bedroom apartment can be more painful than 6 months in new stilettos… unless you know these 5 secrets.

Baby Space-Apartment

You Got The Cutest Little Baby Space

Thank heavens recent innovative baby furniture and equipment has made finding safe space for a newborn easier. Five”Making Room for Baby Tips” from Sofia Storage friends and customers follow:

Baby Space Bassinet 3


1. Crib or Co-Sleeping. There are opponents and proponents for both alternatives. Modern cribs are said to provide a safe separate sleeping arrangement for infants through 2 + year-olds. Mini-cribs are also available. The American Academy of Pediatrics does encourage room-sharing (sleeping in the same room but on separate surfaces) in its policy statement regarding SIDS prevention, but it recommends against bed-sharing with infants.

Baby Space Crib Bassinet

Alternatively, fans praise co-sleeping bassinets with three barrier sides and a fourth that attaches to the side of the bed. They point out that having the baby at hand promotes bonding, improves sleep and assists in breast feeding. These bassinets also take up less space.

Baby Space Bassinet

2. Changing table. Find one that that doubles as a dresser for space savings.

Baby Space Changing Table

3. Glidders. Breast-feeding mothers point out that while these chairs take up space, they make feeding relaxing and enjoyable. If space is really tight, give up the ottoman and go for a standard rocker.

Baby Space Glider Breastfeeding

4. High Chair. This is a necessity for baby once she or he is able to use it. It take up very little additional space and provides a measure of safety while the child plays with its food.

Baby Space in High Chair

5. Bouncy Chair, Swing, Toys, Books. Many New York neighborhoods have Baby Equipment Exchanges where you can pick-up this equipment for free if you are so inclined. You can also donate your baby equipment when the time comes.

Baby Space Jumper 2

One thing that hasn’t changed. New mothers have relied on Sofia Storage for a century for the extra room they suddenly need in their dwellings.

Couple Staging

Over the years, we’ve heard our storage units have served as convenient spare rooms, making apartment space available for cribs and changing tables for infants that had been sleeping in the “family bed,” closets or even … yes, dresser drawers.