Famous Art Challenge


Test your knowledge of Art by naming the paintings – title and artist – below.

Answers as well as your level of expertise, based on a modified Dreyfus scale, are provided after the following 17 paintings:

Most Famous Paintings -13
Most famous Paintings - 14 Dancers in Pink -Edgar degas

Most Famous Paintings - 9 From the Lake by Georgia OKeefe

Let us know if you named them all correctly or needed some help. The answers are listed below. If you correctly identified all 17 paintings and their artists, you are an EXPERT.

14 – 16 correct = Proficient

9 – 13 correct = Competent

5 – 9 correct = Advanced Beginner

0 – 4 correct = Novice

1. American GothicGrant Wood
2. Ballerina in RedEdgar Degas
3. From the LakeGeorgia O’Keefe
4. Whistler’s MotherJames McNeil Whistler
5. Self-PortraitVincent Van Gogh without Beard
6. The Scream of NatureEdvard Munch
7. The Persistence of TimeSalvador Dali
8. The Mona LisaLeonardo DaVinci
9. Girl with a Pearl EarringJohannes Vermeer
10. Starry Night Over the RhoneVincent Van Gogh
11. The DreamPablo Picasso
12. Gene PoolJackson Pollock
14. The Birth Of VenusSandro Botticelli
15. GuernicaPablo Picasso
16. The Night WatchRembrandt Van Rijn
17. Christina’s WorldAndrew Wyeth