Enemies of Memories

Fire A
The Metropolitan area has been bracketed by two massive fires in the past few weeks which resulted in horrendous damage to real and personal property.


On January 21, a Hudson River waterfront luxury apartment building in Edgewater, NJ burned to the ground in a seemingly unquenchable five-alarm fire. It displaced 400 people. Among the apartment complex dwellers was John Sterling, “the Voice of the Yankees.” Sterling expressed the collective fear of the residents that he had “lost everything.” Antiques, paintings, sculptures, collections and memorabilia were in fact all destroyed by the inferno.

Fire 2


On January 31, 2015 a waterfront East River warehouse chock full with city and state documents went up in flames. The seven-alarm fire is still smoldering a week later. NYC Health & Human Resources announced that the records lost in the fire had previously been backed -up on electronic media. Alternatively, the City’s Child Welfare Agency said they were trying to determine the extent of their loss.

Fireboats and ladder trucks spray the Citistorage warehouse

Fireboats and ladder trucks spray the Citistorage warehouse

The records did not survive. What wasn’t lost to the flames was destroyed by water from the fire hoses. Consequently, there is an undetermined loss in the Child Welfare documented memory, which creates a potentially dangerous situations.

Thankfully, neither fire resulted in loss of life or serious injury. However, million of dollars in possessions and vital records were destroyed.


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