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Of the 3 million apartments in New York City , a now deceased NYC designer estimated that less than 5% are what he termed “Unique” with a capital U.

A well-known designer estimated that only about 150,000 NYC apartments had architectural or interior design detail(s) that made them individually unforgettable. His advice was ” Never buy a condo or co-op unless it is or can be made Unique.” Alternatively, he felt that almost any apartment could be made memorable provided it was addressed by a designer with a good eye and experience.


The Dumbo area “Clocktower” apartment complex is selling its top 3-floor penthouse apartment. At about $20 million, it is the most expensive apartment ever on the market in Brooklyn. The 1924 Landmark building, once a factory has been converted into condos and the 6,800 square foot triplex in the clock tower is its “pinnacle.” As you can readily see, it has been made Unique:


With a spectacular three-story lobby, it is hard to believe the apartment could further surprise us as we step inside.  

Unique Apartments 1.D

Unique Apartments 1.F

Voluminous space and spectacular views are helpful in making an apartment remarkable but not necessities as the following studio apartment shows: 

Windows, doors, walls, floors, ceilings, and stairs and furniture/furnishings can all make dramatic, favorable, long lasting impressions.

Unique Apartments 12

Unique Apartments 4

Unique Apartments 9


Over-doing it however will create an excessive hodgepodge where beauty is lost in chaos:

Clutter too, can cause the most unique apartment to become a living nightmare.

Conclusion Less is more attractive than overloading your apartment with items to which you are too attached to discard


  Instead, try renting a storage room so that you can change the look of your apartment from time to time much like art galleries and museums change their displays. 

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