Art Storage – 10 Suggestions

Most Famous Painting - DiVinciThe Art of Storage

Over the years, Sofia Storage Centers have been entrusted with many Masterpieces including perhaps the most famous painting of all, Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa.

During our 105 years in business we have stored a very wide range of art in many shapes and sizes.

For storage of your art work, you may want to follow these 10 suggestions :

1. No matter where you store, assure your paintings are stored upright. Do not store paintings flat or on top of one another.

Art Storage Racks

2. Art should not be subject to dramatic changes in temperature or humidity.

3. Your storage facility should be constructed of fire retardant materials.

4. A storage center should have both a modern camera and security system.

6. To accommodate growth of your collection, as well as over-sized paintings, select a facility with high ceilings, various size rooms and a loading dock with a large freight elevator.

7. For convenience and security, select a facility close to home.

6. Take a physical inventory of your collection often.

8. Make sure your art is stored in a building that is well above sea level and away from flood zones.

9. Art should be stored in a dry building, preferably on the second story or above, away from all water pipes, including sprinklers.

Art Storage

10. Call Sofia Storage at (212) 873-3600 and ask for Jim Pellicone or Loren Sofia to discuss your art storage needs. The Sofia family offers masonary buildings sitting 50 or more feet above sea level, with brick, pyrobar and terracotta walls that breathe and are fire retardant.

Sofia Storage rooms and vaults are available with 10-foot ceilings and in a wide range of sizes. Call now to become a part of the Sofia Storage Center Family Of Collectors.


As a family owned company, we are flexible in meeting customer needs. For instance we can build custom racks and provide climate control for your collection, at an additional charge or even create an entire new room to your requirements. Come see us at 475 Amsterdam Ave. @ W. 83rd St. We can help you through the process of storing your art, antiques and antiquities, collections, memorabilia, seasonals, household and business records.

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